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We Function as Your In-house
Website Design Department

A Division of Keco Design Group

Keco Digital Marketing, a division of Keco Design Group, offers full service, high-end web design and digital marketing services. Our digital marketing services include brand analysis, online brand strategy development, target market messages, SEO, PPC and online marketing.

Our History

Keco Design Group, a full service digital media marketing agency, was established in 2004 as a provider of full service, high-end web design. Originally the company catered to Tier 1 automotive industry manufacturers with annual revenues in the range of $100 million to $500 million. These companies were lean, without in-house web design or digital marketing capabilities. Keco Design Group handled every aspect of web development, carrying out stakeholder interviews, assessing internal strategy documents and performing competitive analysis. Once all this was done we got down to the business of building the website.

In 2009, after being approached by several companies that required lower pricing, a separate division, Keco Web Design Services was established. The new company offers firm pricing on packages and caters to small B2B companies, as well as, professional corporation. In 2010, Keco Design Group established the Keco Digital Marketing division to handle the high-end work.
Visit the Keco Design Group website.
Visit the Keco Web Design Services website.

The Right People, Skills and Technology

Not only are we graphic artists, copy writers, programmers and HTML coders, we are project managers, facilitators and accountants. We are not an IT company, but we support our products and solutions. We are not a marketing company, but an online marketing company. Marketing divisions are good at monologues, but online, there must be a dialog between your corporation and your target audience. We make that dialog take place.

We provide the most comprehensive, feature packed solutions to maximize your full web potential without downtime. When it comes to reliable web hosting, connectivity is everything. With Keco you have access to over 60 Gbit/s of external connectivity. That means faster loading times and higher multi-user capacity for your website.

We understand corporate strategy and believe that a website that doesn't support corporate strategy is a waste of time and money. We believe that websites should serve as marketing tools and be instrumental in generating leads. We believe in corporate scorecards and we establish measures and targets to ensure that progress trends in the right direction over time. We believe that website performance can drive business growth. Our beliefs are the basis for our core values. Every solution we provide is executed through the filter of our core values.

Corporations with in-house web development departments have excellent websites. A corporate web development department is headed by management people knowledgeable about the company, corporate goals and strategies. The staff is experienced and is kept up to date on the latest trends, software and techniques through seminars and continuous education.

The only thing better than an in-house web development department is Keco Digital Marketing. With Keco Digital Marketing you get services that rival in house web development departments. Here is why:
  • One corporate change may need to be reflected in several places on the company's website. If a product line is added the products, industry served and the corporate profile web pages may need to be changed. Keco Design Group's clients don't have to go through the website and identify changes that must be made. We handle that.
  • When updates to Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome browser change the appearance of your site, Keco automatically updates your website so that it looks the way it did the day it was delivered.
  • Keco subscribes to a service that alerts us whenever our clients are in the news. When we receive notification of client news we contact our client about placing the news on their
  • When your corporation undergoes changes that must be reflected on the website, Keco Digital Marketing only needs to have a copy of the press release or internal memo announcing the change to update the corporate site.
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